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Abbott Club Lambs

Abbott's Club Lambs have traditionally been known for producing the best tops in club lambs throughout the nation. Their goal from the very beginning was to genetically develop long, thick, and square loins, with expressive racks and level rumps.

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Burch Livestock

Our goal is your success at any level of competition. We’ve been in the show lamb business for 30 years and utilize an AI, ET and line breeding program to maximize our genetics. Come by and take a look at a unique set. We’d love to work with you!

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Devitt Club Lambs

Mark & Gayla Devitt are located in Belle Center, OH and raise many champion club lambs. Contact for your next winner today!

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Goodwin Club Lambs

Dale is an Ag Teacher and Club Lamb producer in Ponca, Oklahoma. Many champions have been produced on this farm, including Grand Champion Natural Color at the 2012 OYE, Reserve Champion Lamb at the 2010 Tulsa State Fair and many more.

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