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Campbell Show Wethers

Located in north east texas. We have been raising show wethers and replacement does for 8 years. Our herd consist of some of the most sought after genetics available in the industry. We raise them to fit every show and every budget. Give us a call or find us on Facebook "Campbell Show Wethers" were a handshake still means something. Bobby: 903-452-4453

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Davidson Show Goats

Davidson Show Goats produces a superior animal that possesses a combination of width, depth, length, straightness, bone, style, soundness and most of all the meat. Come to the farm in Commerce, Texas to view our superior selection of show goats.

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Fleming Livestock

The mainstream of Fleming Livestock is Bronc Fleming Meat Goats, with raising the best show wethers and wether sires being the ultimate goal. Bronc Fleming is a judge and inspector for the ABGA. Bronc strives to produce the best animals that will perform at the top of their game through means of aggressive A.I. and embryo transfer programs.

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Harbour Livestock

Harbour Livestock is one of the oldest and most reputable market goat and Southdown producers in the country. We have raised nationally competitive wether goats and breeding stock for close to two decades and Southdown sheep for thirty plus years. Our focus at Harbour Livestock is to raise TOP quality wether goats and Southdown lambs that can compete anywhere in the country.

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Henkhaus Show Goats

We raise quality bucks and does that produce high quality show wethers that succeed in the show ring. At Henkhaus Show Goats we strive to produce heavy muscled and structurally sound goats that will excel in the show ring and in a breeding program. We provide superior quality livestock with great customer service and look forward to working with you on your next champion.

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Hummel Livestock
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Hutto Livestock

Hutto Livestock produces competitive whether goats that have been successful at all of the major stockshows in Texas. The whole family enjoys the livestock business and the show wether project in particular. The Huttos are excited about the future and hope you will come by and check out their goats for yourself.

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M & M Show Goats

For the past 5 years we have been working hard to combine the right genetics to get the top quality of breeding and wether stock that we have today. For over a decade Shannon Prescott has been involved in the Boer goat industry.At M&M Showgoats we know you have put your trust in us to provide the highest quality. Let us provide your next Champion.

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Miller Show Goats

At Miller Show Goats, our doe herd has a fundamental purpose, to raise show wethers. Most of our does are high percentage Boer does but we have a good number of full bloods, also. The underlying characteristic is not their percentage but their high quality for producing show wethers. We demand structural correctness, muscle, and eye appeal without sacrificing the maternal characteristics that make for an excellent replacement doe.

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Pfeiffer Farms

Our goal is to raise goats that will produce at every level of exhibition. We have had success at local, district, state and national shows around the United States. We are a family oriented operation and have goats to fit every budget.

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