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BCJ Cattle provides show steers for every level of competition. We have winning show cattle that span coast to coast and we strive to find the perfect fit for you. BCJ Cattle aims to acheive the highest possible success at an affordable price. If this is your goal, let us make you a part of our winning tradition.

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Gabel Farms Show Cattle

Gabel Farms is a family owned cattle operation located in Brush and Wiggins, Colorado. Focusing on show cattle to fit the needs of our youth and cattle operations accross the USA. Visit us at Denver in the yards and on our web site @ showsteers.com to see upcoming sale. Visitor alway welcome, stop by anytime!!

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Hunt Cattle Farms

Thank you for visiting Hunt Cattle Farms. We are proud of our strong history of winning cattle genetics and we look forward to the future! Please check out our winners and donor pages for a complete view of our past success. If you are interested in our genetics, feel free to email or call us. We would enjoy talking to you about our vision for the future. Have a great summer and make sure to check back in the fall for the latest genetic offerings.

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Talmo Ranch

We breed Chiangus and Chiford Beef Cattle. Talmo Ranch will not attempt to market any livestock we would not keep in production at the ranch. Our goal is to sell seedstock with performance and eye appeal. As we strive for a purebred beef cowherd, bred up from foundation, we have learned that good management and genetics result in predictability and consistency

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